A Changed Market

Many homeowners think that reducing the price of the home will help sell their home. Price reductions occur because the homeowner does not understand how else to differentiate themselves form the rest of the home listed for sale.

A professional NJ home inspection is not just a way for buyers to see what is wrong with the home.  Home inspections can be marketed as a way for the owner to show off what is right with the home.

In most cases, homes that are pre-inspected by the buyer sell faster. On top of that, 80 percent of the pre-inspected homes are not reinspected by the buyer, so it is important to capture the inspection before it goes to the buyer.

Foresight Consulting Home Inspectors can perform a concise and professional home inspection that will be very helpful to you in detecting any major concerns that will be a problem during the home transition.


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 You don't have to look much farther for a Great home inspector in NJ.  Foresight Consulting Inspectors are licensed, bonded and fully qualified home inspectors.