New Jersey Home Safety Inspection Checklist

Part I: Preventing Accidents

In the bathroom . . .

___ Grab bars have been installed next to toilet and in

       bath and/or shower.

___ Bath and shower have non-skid surfaces.

___ There is a nightlight.

___ The hot water temperature is set to 120° or below.

___ Floor surfaces are kept dry and clean.

In the bedroom . . .

___ Furniture is placed where you won’t trip over it.

___ Night lighting is adequate.

___ You have a flashlight for emergency use.

Interior stairs and landings . . .

___ Have handrails on both sides.

___ Have adequate lighting.

___ Have floor coverings in good repair.

___ Are free of clutter.

In the kitchen . . .

___ Floors are in good repair and kept dry.

___ Sharp edges on appliances or countertops have

       been removed or padded.

___ Things you need are stored in easily reached

       drawers and cupboards.

In other living spaces . . .

___ Throw rugs have been removed or safely taped.

___ All other floor coverings are in good shape.

___ Traffic areas are well-lit and free of clutter.

Outside . . .

___ Lighting is good.

___ Walkways and stairs are clutter free.

Part II: Fire Safety

___ Hazardous materials have been removed or

       properly stored.

___ All electrical appliances have been checked and

       are in good order.

___ Outlets are not overloaded.

___ Extension cords are used properly.

___ Chimneys and flues, if used heavily, have been checked

       and cleaned

___ Only light bulbs of the right size and wattage are used.

___ Space heaters are used correctly.

___ Smoke detectors/alarms have been installed and

       are in good working order.

___ Everyone understands escape procedures and how

       to report a fire.

Part III: Home Security

___ Locks on all doors and windows are in good

       working order.

___ Outside areas are well-lit and free of unnecessary


___ You have a bedside phone.

___ Emergency numbers are plainly visible next to every